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Appeal Driving Ban


Appeal Driving Ban

If you have been found guilty of an offence, in the UK, you have the right to appeal in most instances. This is almost certainly the case if you have been found guilty of a motoring offence. Whether you represented yourself or had a solicitor act on your behalf in the first instance, if you believe that you have not had your case heard properly then you can appeal the decision. You should call on the services of an experienced and professional driving offences solicitor to help ensure that the initial ruling is fairly overturned.

Driving Offence Penalties

There are many driving offences and each carries its own penalty. The fewest number of penalty points you can be awarded, where penalty points are an option, is 2 but you can face up to twelve points and even the possibility of an automatic disqualification or driving ban. What’s more, you can face substantial fines and may even face a custodial sentence in the worst cases.

Legal Representation

Despite these potential penalties a lot of people choose to represent themselves or rely on inexperienced solicitors to prepare a case. While this may work in some instances, the best results will usually be obtained by the most experienced solicitors that have dealt with numerous cases similar to yours. Especially if you are appealing a previous decision, you must ensure that you have the appropriate level of representation working on your behalf.

Getting The Right Decision

It may be that you believe you had an incorrect decision or that the penalties you received were too harsh. In either case, a professional solicitor will be able to discuss your case with you and gather information, statements, and other evidence to help appeal your case. An appeal may be pursued by having the case reopened at a Magistrates Court, via a Crown Court appeal, or even through a High Court appeal.

Appealing Your Driving Ban

If you disagree with the decision made by a court regarding a driving offence or ban then you have the right to appeal. Contact a skilled solicitor with experience in the relevant field to help improve your chance of lodging a successful appeal and having the decision revoked or the penalty reduced.

What To do Now?

We have helped many people who faced road traffic offences and also who wanted to appeal their driving ban in the courts. With our experience we have helped save driving licences for people who rely upon their cars for work and family.

We are experts in our field. We are not judgemental and only want to offer you the best advice and representation when you are facing the courts and a possible disqualification from driving.

Contact us today by clicking here and speak to a specialist Road Traffic Solicitor. They will be able to talk you through your case and advise you on that to do next.