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Special Reasons


There are special reasons for saving your driving licence that may help you avoid disqualification. This is different to proving exceptional hardship and is not considered a defence but may prevent an automatic disqualification or the penalty points that would normally accompany a particular offence. Special reasons do exist for a number of offences and, if successful, a special reason claim means that while you will still be found guilty of the offence you will not receive the usual punishment.

Avoiding Disqualification

Many offences carry an automatic ban and the courts are given guidelines on how many penalty points to administer in particular cases too. However, there are special cases when you were unaware of committing any offence or had to commit a particular offence for some other reason. This is different to claiming exceptional hardship, which is usually claimed when defending a totting up ban.

Possible Circumstances

Penalties vary for different offences but, for example, if it can be proven that your drink was spiked with alcohol but you weren’t aware of it then while you were guilty of driving while over the legal alcohol intake limit, there were special reasons. This means that you may be found guilty of the offence but you may receive points in place of a disqualification or no penalty at all.

Other Possible Reasons

The shortness of distance driver may also be taken into account. For example, if you are being charged with driving under the influence and can successfully argue that you were moving the car a few feet you may be able to avoid a disqualification. If you were forced to drive because of an emergency situation and had no other option whatsoever this may prove a special reason as well.

Special Reasons To Save Your Driving Licence

There are special reasons that can be argued in which you can keep your driving licence or avoid having penalty points added that normally accompany a particular offence that you have committed. Having an experienced driving offence solicitor on board, preparing your case, will help you win this type of argument and avoid automatic disqualification or penalty points.

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