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Totting Up


The penalty points system was introduced as a means of providing the courts with another method of imposing a penalty on drivers that commit illegal acts. As well as affecting your insurance premium, with more points typically leading to higher insurance costs, penalty points can actually lead to an automatic disqualification from driving if you reach a certain number of points within a specified time period. If you are about to reach the totting up limit then an experienced motoring solicitor may help you avoid becoming disqualified as a totter.

The Penalty Point Scheme

Penalty points are given to drivers for committing a range of offences. Anything from speeding to careless driving and failing to stop at a red light can result in penalty points being awarded. These are added to your licence and they are valid for a period of three years. The points cannot be removed from your licence for a period of 4 years however and you may find insurance companies ask for details of offences in the last five years.

The Totting Up Ban

Current guidelines dictate that 12 points in a three year period carries an automatic minimum period of disqualification unless you can prove exceptional hardship on the balance of probabilities. If exceptional hardship is found the Court have the discretion to reduce your period of disqualification down from 6 months or not to disqualify you at all.

Rules For New Drivers

New drivers are subject to more severe penalties. If a new driver amasses 6 points within the first two years of becoming a fully qualified driver, they may have their licence revoked. This means that it will be necessary to sit a test again and, in severe cases, it may be possible to face a 6 month disqualification as well as having a licence revoked.

Defending Totting Up Cases

Many driving offences will lead to the addition of penalty points to a driving licence. If a driver amasses twelve or more points within a three year period then they face the likelihood of a 6 month ban, although it is possible to avoid disqualification if exceptional hardship can be proven.

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