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Dangerous Driving


Dangerous driving is considered a serious offence and is one of few driving charges which may be tried in the magistrates or crown court. The offence can also carry large penalties including extensive disqualification periods subject to an extended re-test, possible community penalty or imprisonment. The cases are usually fact based and may require the intervention of witnesses as well as experts and the police. A qualified and experienced professional driving solicitor can help you prepare a watertight defence and to ensure fair sentencing.

The Offence

The offence of dangerous driving is if the standard of your driving was found to fall far below that of a competent and safe driver. Various different actions can lead to this offence being charged and as well as driving standards, the police may also prosecute for the poor condition of the car. If you are found to have been talking on your mobile phone, driving on the pavement, or blatantly and dangerously ignoring road traffic signs, then dangerous driving is the offence that you are most likely to be charged with.

Other Forms Of Dangerous Driving

Competitive driving and dangerous overtaking may also be considered dangerous driving but so too is driving a car that is in a dangerous condition. For example, if you drive a car that has no brakes or seriously defective brakes then you may find that you are being charged with dangerous driving and that you face a serious penalty as a result of this.

Defending Your Case

Depending on the reason for dangerous driving charges there may be evidence to support you. If your car was said to be in dangerous condition but it was not obvious to an average driver then this could prove to be an invaluable defence tactic. It can also be argued that your driving did not fall far below a competent level.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving is a serious offence and it can carry a lengthy period of disqualification subject to a re-test, a community penalty or even imprisonment. We have many years of experience in persuading the prosecution to accept the lesser charge of Careless Driving. With a professional and experienced driving offence solicitor on your side, though, it is possible to minimise the potential loss that you face from prosecution. A solicitor will help build a solid defence to reduce the potential sentence you face.

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What To Do Now?

We have helped many people who faced road traffic offences in the courts. With our experience, we have helped save driving licences for people who rely on their cars for work and family.

We are experts in our field. We are not judgemental and only want to offer you the best advice and representation when you are facing the courts and a possible disqualification from driving.

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