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Speeding is by far the most common driving offence faced by motorists across the UK and there are a number of positions from which a speeding case can be successfully defended. It is commonplace to receive a Fixed Penalty Notice, or FPN, for the majority of speeding cases although you may receive a summons to appear in court. Although speeding offences will usually carry the smallest fines and penalties these can still prove costly when looking for insurance; especially costly if you have amassed 12 points during a 3 year period.

Speeding Offences

Speeding is commonplace on British roads and recent figures estimate that a half of drivers in the UK will speed at some point on the roads. With static and mobile cameras, as well as both marked and unmarked cars found throughout the country it is easy to get caught but it also means that we place a lot of trust in the performance of those cameras and how they are used.

FPNs And Court Summonses

For lesser speeding offences you should expect to receive a Fixed Penalty Notice. This will usually offer penalty points and a fine, negate the need to attend court, and the fine may be reduced for paying within a given timeframe. However, if you believe you have not committed the speeding offence you can attend a court hearing. If you are accused of driving at speeds considerably higher than the speed limit, or the points offered would lead to a totting up ban you may receive a court summons instead.

Technical Details

One way in which a speeding offence accusation may be proven incorrect is through the questioning of camera operatives and the checking of the speed camera equipment. There are hundreds of different types of camera in operation on our road networks and this means that mistakes can happen and you may be incorrectly accused of speeding.

Defending Speeding Offences

Speeding offences are common and while the majority of cameras are accurate and used properly, this isn’t always the case. There are instances where cameras have been calibrated incorrectly or the operator does not know how to operate the machine properly. In these, and many other cases, having a professional motoring solicitor preparing your case could see you avoid penalty and fines, and prosecution.

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What To Do Now?

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