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Taxi Offences


Taxis, cabs, and hackneys are licensed vehicles and their drivers are permitted to take financial payment to collect and deliver passengers. It is, however, an offence for any other vehicle to be used in this way and committing such an act usually not only carries the financial penalty directly associated with it but will invalidate many insurance policies so that the driver will also face the charge of driving without insurance and will collect the penalties associated with this particular offence too.

Taxi Licences

Only certain vehicles can be used as taxis and this is effectively determined by the existence of a taxi permit or licence for that particular car, van, or buggy. There are also certain limitations to how the driver of these vehicles can act and react. Failing to comply with these rules means that penalties will be imposed. As, strictly speaking, illegally touting for taxi business is not a driving offence it actually only carries a financial penalty.

Additional Offences

However, where most drivers are caught out in this instance is the fact that illegally using a car to tout for taxi business will invalidate insurance policies. In this instance, the courts will usually proceed with a charge of driving without insurance too. This carries penalty points as well as an additional fine, which means that the total penalties faced by the accused can seem severe.

Defending Your Case

It is possible, in some cases, to defend these taxi offences. Many people accused of such an offence take the punishment meted out to them under the belief that there is no alternative but this may not be the case. If you are concerned about facing a substantial fine and the levying of penalty points against your licence then you should consult with a professional driving offence solicitor to help ensure that you have the best chance of avoiding such penalties.

Taxi Touting Offences

Operating as a taxi is illegal unless you meet specific criteria, including the appropriate licensing of your vehicle. Using your car illegally in this way not only carries the offence of illegally touting for taxi business but may also invalidate your insurance policy and leave you facing the charge of driving without insurance too.

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