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Failing To Furnish The Driver’s Details


A simple speeding fine, which will usually carry three penalty points, may see the penalty doubled if the registered owner of the vehicle fails to provide details requested by the police. When a car is involved in an offence and the driver is not stopped at the time they will usually find that they are contacted within 14 days by the police asking to identify who was driving the vehicle. It is an offence for the owner of the vehicle to withhold such information but there are circumstances where you can avoid the potential points and fine for failing to provide driver details.

Request To Furnish Information

The Chief Constable may request that the Registered Keeper of a vehicle provide information regarding the driver of that vehicle when an offence was deemed to have taken place. It is then the responsibility of the Registered Keeper to furnish the police with the information requested and if due care and diligence is not taken to provide that information then the owner can face a charge of failing to provide driver details.

Providing Details

This particular offence has come under the spotlight in recent years as some have avoided providing details in a bid to avoid prosecution. What’s more, some have provided false information or have lied about not receiving the request for information. These options are not advisable because they can carry considerably greater penalties and more severe consequences than the original offence.

Driving Defence

There are a number of ways in which a professional solicitor or barrister can help defend your case. We may be able to work with you and witnesses to prove that you did not receive the request for information or that you returned it but the police have not received the response. We may also be able to prove that the request was received too late. Using a skilled and experienced motoring solicitor with experience in this kind of area can help you avoid having penalty points on your driving licence and other ramifications.

Failure To Provide Driver Details

A failure to provide driver details can lead to a seemingly hefty penalty. You may receive more points than the original offence and this may also be accompanied by a substantial fine.

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What To Do Now?

We have helped many people who faced road traffic offences in the courts. With our experience, we have helped save driving licences for people who rely on their cars for work and family.

We are experts in our field. We are not judgemental and only want to offer you the best advice and representation when you are facing the courts and a possible disqualification from driving.

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