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Mobile Phone Offences


Mobile phone offences have become increasingly commonplace and they have gained much media coverage. Using an interactive function of your phone, i.e. one that requires your input, while driving is considered an offence and can carry points and a fine. There is some grey area with regards to mobile phone offences, especially regarding what exactly is considered to be the use of a mobile phone and some cases will involve proving or disproving the exact way in which the phone was being used.

Driving Without Due Care

Using a mobile phone while driving may lead to a charge of driving without due care and attention or even dangerous driving. The law has been extended to include other handheld devices so using a laptop, tablet computer, or even your satellite navigation systems in certain ways can be considered a driving offence.

Police Witnesses

If the police are not investigating an accident because one has not occurred then it is most likely that the case will come to down to your word against that of a police officer. These can be difficult cases to argue but there are certain defences which can be used and, as with any offence, it is down to the police to prove beyond doubt that you were committing an offence. The nature of this particular range of offences means that a good motoring solicitor will have a range of ways to defend your position.

Interacting With Your Handheld Device

Talking, texting, and using the Internet while driving are all considered illegal actions. However, it could be argued that looking at the clock is not illegal. What’s more, while it is illegal to perform these actions while driving, it is not usually considered an offence if the car is parked or stationary. Your solicitor may also question officers about their evidence or even use photographic evidence of the car, your phone bill, and other witness statements to help defend your case.

Using Your Mobile Device

Using a mobile phone or any handheld device for an action that is considered interactive is considered an offence. While it may carry a fixed penalty notice fine and points, the case may be heard in court and, in either case, instructing a motoring solicitor to work on your behalf can help ensure that you get a reasonable result from the case.

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