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A Stockport man has been handed a suspended sentence after colliding with seven parked cars while over the drug driving limit for three different substances.

The 24-year-old crashed as he tried to leave his girlfriend’s house following an argument. He was found to have taken cocaine, ketamine, and the synthetic stimulant M-Cat.

Police described the man as “incapacitated” behind the wheel of his car when they attended the scene in Didsbury, Manchester, and was later found to be over the legal drug driving limit for all three drugs.

The legal limit for cocaine is 10mcg per litre of blood, and the man was found to have 14mcg. For ketamine, he was found to have 330mcg against the legal limit of 20mcg per litre and for M-Cat he had 389mcg where the legal limit is 50mcg.

While the man used drugs on a regular basis, on this particular day he had taken more than usual, the court heard.

With two previous convictions for possession of illegal drugs, the man received three charges of drug driving as well as driving without insurance and failing to notify a change of address.

Damian Mullarkey, defending, said: “What I can’t get away from here is the three different and separate drugs in his system at the time of driving.

“I’m no mathematician but I have worked out he was at least 12 or 13 times the limit on both drugs.”

Mr Mullarkey said that his client is well paid and “required to travel internationally on a frequent basis”, adding that “he can afford, rightly or wrongly, to fund that habit”.

He also said that his client had accrued “significant” debts and not informed his employers of his conviction. He took the drugs to cope with the stress of his job and was “petrified” of his employers finding out.

“He is in a good job. He has very good prospects. He has a career for life if you permit him to continue his employment.

“This is not somebody who is a cocaine addict or a heroin addict. He has an addiction to what appears to be recreational drugs.”

Pleading for a suspended sentence, Mr Mallarkey told the court the defendant would “lose everything” if he were to be imprisoned.

Magistrates sentenced him to three months in jail, suspended for 18 months. They also ordered him to undertake 200 hours of unpaid work with a 12-month drug rehabilitation requirement. He was also disqualified from driving for 30 months.

Michael Dunston, Chairman of the Bench, said: “The people of Manchester need protection against this type of drug driving.

“You are very lucky that people weren’t killed. This sort of behaviour won’t be tolerated.”

“You have been extremely fortunate today.”